Treatment modalities include individual therapy, family therapy, marriage counseling, medication education, and group therapy. Monterey Psychiatric Center practitioners work with the patient to develop an individualized treatment plan which addresses the complex components of mental health. Appointments are set based on the treatment goals and may range from weekly sessions to monthly sessions or quarterly sessions.


Child & Adolescent

For children addressing issues early on is critical for maintaining proper development for a child.

Children are brought to us most often because they are exhibiting behavioral problems. Following an evaluation and assessment, our treatment focuses on helping children develop appropriate behaviors and boundaries that can be used to satisfy relationships at home and at school.

We work with parents to help their child manage difficult situations and to set firm, clear, and consistent limits. Our practitioners review medication options as indicated. We understand parents' concerns related to the use of medication, but we work with families to assure that medication decisions are optimal for each patient.

Normal developmental of adolescents include seperation and individualization. As such, adolescents aged 13 to 17 can be inundated with choices,expectations and demands. Sometimes those choices can lead to conflict with parents, teachers, or peers.


We work with the adolescent to make positive choices, learn healthy coping skills, and show them how good decisions can assist them in life. We also provide skills and assistance to family members to help understand and work through while the changes occurring in their loved ones life happen. We will carefully review any and all medication options along with psychotherapy as appropriate to help adolescents achieve their potential.


We can help you make changes to overcome obstacles. We offer a secure and caring enviroment with individualized programs for treatment, which may include psychotherapy, medication and referral services to help you get back on track.


Older adults find a different range of problems including changes and loss. We work with the individual to lessen depression and anxiety. We assist by developing an understanding of what is happening and make available therapy and/or medication. Since times are a changing We help build a self-identifying path to find new meaning in life and build skills that facilitate adaptation to change.